Polentera P30

With p30 powder you can cook and keep always ready up to 30 kg of polenta; Manual controls allow you to intuitively manage cooking.

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Simply: Water, flour and salt.

We thought about simplicity while, in 2003, we designed and built Polentera, a useful and innovative system that allows you to cook polenta and always serve it fluid and fresh. A winning idea designed, developed, designed and entirely built by Hyppocampus at its headquarters.

Polentera, a polenta machine on tap, is indispensable for those who have to cook and keep polenta warm for the duration of the service. The practical and innovative faucet allows you to pick up the product with extreme safety, ease and cleanliness. You can serve individual portions or pick up large amounts of product to fill cutting schoving schoving or serving trays. Polentera solves the problem of an operator dedicated to the cooking of polenta: the machine does everything by itself, without the need for specific assistance or surveillance.

Polentera is extremely convenient to use and to clean. First you insert the ingredients by lifting the lid, as in a normal pan and then you set the cooking cycle. After cooking you set the maintenance time that can last many hours and during which we will always have hot polenta ready to bring to the table.

The cleaning is practical and fast and basically resolves in unhooking the engine, picking up the pan and going to wash it where we are most comfortable.

Polentera is ideal for restaurants, canteens, catering and, moreover, for takeaway vans, street food situations and market trucks.

More info and FAQs: https://www.hyppocampus.it/polentera/

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso65 kg
Dimensioni100 × 70 × 40 cm
Caratteristiche generali

Clutter: 25x100x66, Maximum production: 30KG plus 120 servings, Consumption: 220V 50/60HZ 2200W, Net weight: 50kg, Cooking time: 2h