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The best solutions for your kitchen. Cutlery dryers, sterilizers,grills, dryersglasses, Polenta machines and much more for professional dining.

It is the Hyppocampus series of products that includes particularly innovative machines that allow you to cook in a simple and safeway. You can use them for your own events but also in thekitchen. Ideal for chickens, shins, meat on thespit. Up to 300 servings in one machine. View products

It’s the Hyppocampus product series designed to make your menumore delicious. They are simple and easy to usemachines, the result is guaranteed! View products

It is the series of Hyppocampus products dedicated to cleanliness andhygiene. All the parameters required by the current regulations on food safety and hygiene are subject to them. View products

It is the Hyppocampus product series, designed for the operator that needs machines that guarantee highperformance, in terms of speed, qualityof the finalresult, and savings of time. It includes the most solid and relevant machines in the entire Hyppocampus catalogue. View products

Enofreez, Iraq

Wine breakers use a forced air ventilation system (there are no bags and refrigerant liquids) and knock down 2 degrees C every minute. In a few minutes Enofreez will bring your bottles to the temperature, without the need to store all your labels in the refrigerators.

Technical Support

Hyppocampus assists the machines in the production facility of Torbole Casaglia (BS) – Italy, where we have all the tools to ensure a fast and efficient service.

  • Withdrawal and return with courier with favorable prices
  • Machine control and budgeting in 24/48 hours
  • Repair in 24/48 hours from confirmation of the repair quote
  • Average repair time 1 week

Hyppocampus srl uses only original parts

Hyppocampus SRL internally manufactures all the machines it markets. Conduct tests and tests before delivery and systematically improve them. All Hyppocampus-branded equipment is robust and efficient; Many of the machines on the market today have been a Hyppocampus patent.



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